Wolffs Kasha Medium (6x13OZ )

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  • Wolffs Kasha Medium (6x13OZ )


100% Pure roasted buckwheat. Low sodium, no cholesterol, low fat. Wheat & gluten free. Instead of rice. Do you know Wolff’s is roasted kernels of buckwheat, which a distinctive nutlike flavor. Wolff’s kasha is a pleasant mealtime alternative to rice or potatoes. In addition, Wolff’s whole granulation is packaged in three variations: our convenient 4 serving size and our easy serve, all in one kasha and pasta side dish Kasha Classics. Wolff’s kasha is extremely versatile and can be served as an entree, side dish, stuffing, in soups and salads, appetizers, desserts and as a delicious breakfast cereal. No additives, fortifiers, or preservatives.

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Weight 5.3 oz
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6/13 OZ


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